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A Cold Chill Coming from Sou’Wester

The Sou'Wester pork jowl BLT sounded too mouthwatering to pass up, even if we were way past tomato season, but at $7 per sandwich, I had to ask our waiter how large the lunch-time portion was. He indicated that the sammie was small, perhaps the size of my hand, and that depending on my appetite, […]

Two Things Y&H Didn’t Expect to See at Sou’Wester’s Opening Party: Frank Ruta and Dancing

Ruta emerged from Palena's kitchen, pictured with Maddy Beckwith So how unique was last night's opening reception for Sou'Wester? So unique that Frank Ruta showed up. In all the years Y&H has been covering the dining scene in D.C., I've never seen the semi-reclusive Palena chef and owner at an industry event. I barely recognized […]

CityZen’s Rachael Harriman on Her First Days at the French Laundry

Rachael Harriman, the sous chef at CityZen in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, has been fielding questions of various weight and sophistication over at for the past couple of weeks. I was particularly interested in Harriman's response to this inquiry: With all of the time you spent in Thomas Keller's kitchens, it's obvious that he […]