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Is Amateur Flash Photography Ruining Your Dining Experience?

Photo-phobic Rogue 24 chef R.J. Cooper is going to love this: Today's New York Times complaint box rails against all the amateur food photography taking place in restaurants these days. Michael Antonoff, identified as a creative content writer at Manhattan camera shop BH Photo, opines: Anyone who eats out is now a potential food critic […]

Rogue 24’s ‘Reservation Agreement’ Now More of a ‘Guest Questionnaire’

Eater DC follows up with chef R.J. Cooper after posting a copy of his two-page "Reservation Agreement" that patrons must sign prior to being seated at his Bladgen Alley hotspot Rogue 24. The news of the Coop's lawyerly booking policy spread far and wide this week. Even Time magazine made mention of it. In light […]

Booking a Table at Rogue 24 Not Unlike Signing a Lease

If booking a reservation at Minibar was harder than rescheduling a flight during a hurricane, then snagging a seat at Rogue 24 is about as rigorous as renting an apartment in Dupont Circle. At least in terms of the paperwork. Eater DC has posted a copy of the two-page "Reservation Agreement" that chef R.J. Cooper […]

Rogue Photography: What’s Your Worst Picture of R.J. Cooper’s Cooking?

Chef R.J. Cooper is asking local food bloggers not to take snapshots of the food at his hugely hyped new eatery Rogue 24. His reason: "They don't take good pictures," the Rogue Toque tells WaPo's Tom Sietsema in the critic's "First Bite" column this week. He's right. Check out the atrocious BlackBerry photo (above) that […]

‘First Bite’ on the Second Night: R.J. Cooper’s Rogue 24 Gets an Early Visit from Critic Tom Sietsema

So much for critics waiting one full month before visiting a new restaurant. On his Facebook page, chef R.J. Cooper reports that he spotted Washington Post critic Tom Sietsema at his brand-spankin' new eatery Rogue 24 last Thursday, the restaurant's second night in business: "Mr. TS from Wash post just left the house. Suprised us […]

Critical Distance: The New Rules For Restaurant Reviews—There Are No Rules

I was trying to get to the restroom during my most recent visit to Graffiato, Mike Isabella’s new neo-Italian starfucker clubhouse, when a photo-op blocked my way. Isabella and fellow Top Chef alums Carla Hall and Antonia Lofaso were huddled for a snapshot. As it happens, you see a lot of these snapshot sessions at […]

Secret Hand Signals and Social Cues: Rogue 24 Operates Like a Baseball Game

"The customers never have to know," Matthew Carroll told me during a party for Gilt City's D.C. launch, as he explains the hand gestures that will govern front-of-house service at Rogue 24. The hugely hyped eatery from former Vidalia chef R.J. Cooper opens tonight in Shaw's Bladgen Alley. At first, it looks like every other restaurant […]

Lava Rocks, Chicken Wire, Beer Foam: Some New Things to Expect at R.J. Cooper’s Rogue 24

Back in early May, chef R.J. Cooper was pretty much set on the menu for his experimental eatery in an alley, Rogue 24. He told me as much during a preview of the planned 24-course extravaganza in New York. Two months of construction delays and several choice words for Pepco later, the Rogue Toque has […]

More Alley Eats: Sundevich Opens Today in Shaw

R.J. Cooper's forthcoming Rogue 24 isn't D.C.'s only new eatery in an alley. Prince of Petworth reports that Seasonal Pantry's new sandwich shop Sundevich opens at noon today in the alley behind 1314 9th St. NW. Check out the menu here. Logo courtesy of Sundevich

No ‘Magic Clock’ at Rogue 24: Ex-Minibar Reservationist Is Taking Calls Beyond 10 O’Clock Sharp

I was a bit surprised when Bonji Beard answered my call on the first try. I sort of expected a busy signal, or some prolonged ringing at least. For the past three and a half years, Beard manned the phones at Minibar. And, as gatekeeper of the toughest reservation in town, she held all the […]