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Next Up at Rogue 24: Spike Gjerde of Baltimore’s Woodberry Kitchen

Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. Monday for next week's guest chef session at Rogue 24. According to the Baltimore Sun, Spike Gjerde of Charm City's acclaimed Woodberry Kitchen begins a five-night stint on Jan. 24, standing in for proprietor R.J. Cooper, who is recovering from open-heart surgery. Gjerde is the third chef so […]

Last Night’s Leftovers: Reverse Twinkie Edition

Good news! Molecular sandwich-making Rogue 24 chef R.J. Cooper is resting after making it through open-heart surgery. [WaPo] Bummed about the Twinkies bankruptcy? Head to Ted's Bulletin for the "reverse" version—the filling’s on the outside, not within the cake. [WaPo] Take a peek inside Mintwood Place [Eater DC] Fruit Bat has a new cocktails menu. […]

Molecular Gastronomer R.J. Cooper Makes Me a Sandwich [VIDEO]

Say this about audacious Rogue 24 chef R.J. Cooper: the man can be a gracious host. I mean, you ask the James Beard Award-winning, liquid nitrogen-wielding cook to kindly cut it out with the foams, gels and other things that sound like hair products and instead "just make me a sandwich." And, sure enough, the […]

Get Some Smoke at Rogue 24: Seats for Guest Chef Tim Byres Now On Sale

The parade of guest chefs filling-in at Rogue 24 kicks-off Tuesday with Volt's Bryan Voltaggio taking over for proprietor R.J. Cooper, who's scheduled to undergo open-heart surgery tomorrow. (Good luck and speedy healing, chef!) Tickets to the Voltaggio show are already sold out. But today, you can grab a seat for next week, when Tim […]

What Sorts Of Smoky Tricks Will Tim Byres Bring To Rogue 24?

Texas toque Tim Byres is one of nine chefs lined up to fill-in at D.C.'s Rogue 24 over the next several weeks while proprietor R.J. Cooper undergoes and recovers from open-heart surgery. Former Y&H contributor and current Dallas Observer critic Scott Reitz gets the scoop on how the back-to-basics-style cook from Dallas got mixed up […]

Table Scraps: 2011 Most Irritating Food Trends

In my first year as your trusty guide to matters culinary in Washington, I’ve sampled an awful lot of meals. I took down a 24-course tasting menu at R.J. Cooper’s Rogue 24, sampled an assembly-line Vietnamese hoagie at ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen, and slurped ramen after braving the grueling wait at Toki Underground. But as […]

Going Rogue: Guest Chefs Andrés, Drewno, Voltaggio Fill-In For Ailing R.J. Cooper

A slew of notable local toques, including Bryan Voltaggio, José Andrés, Scott Drewno, and Katsuya Fukushima—as well as several celebrated cooks from out of town—will be pinch-hitting at Rogue 24 over the next several months as James Beard Award-winning chef R.J. Cooper undergoes open-heart surgery. These "Rogue Sessions," as the week-long guest appearances have been […]

Rogue 24’s R.J. Cooper ‘Not Going Anywhere’

“There’s a bunch of rumors that I’m leaving. I’m not going anywhere. I have to just go have this procedure done. It’s supposed to be a six-week down time. I will be back in the kitchen in two weeks in a small capacity....I’m like Iron Man. You can’t stop me.”—Rogue 24 chef R.J. Cooper, dishing […]

Is Molecular Gastronomy Ruining Fine Dining?

HuffPo is foaming at the mouth about the pitfalls of molecular gastronomy, the über-artistic deconstructive and recreative take on food practiced at places like José Andrés' Minibar and R.J. Cooper's Rogue 24 (read Y&H's review here): "Because of its great influence on food critics and patrons of top restaurants, molecular gastronomy, whatever its artistic merits, […]

Molecular Gastro-Economy: Two Dozen Unusual Courses at Rogue 24, One $5 Bite at a Time

What was R.J. Cooper smoking? The  concept for his new restaurant, Rogue 24, an astronomically priced gastronomic theater along the lines of Komi and Minibar, seemed ill-timed at best. Slinging the foams, dirts, and sea-floor scrapings of molecular gastronomy in this economy? And in an alley? Perhaps the most puzzling part was the fact that […]