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Jackie Greenbaum to Open a Casual Mexican Restaurant in Columbia Heights

Jackie Greenbaum, the restaurateur known for her eponymous industrial DayGlo eatery in Silver Spring, has signed a lease to open a casual Mexican restaurant in Columbia Heights. The tiny, 800-square-foot operation will be located at 3313 11th St., in a former liquor store, and will not only sell regional Mexican foods but also snacks inspired […]

More Food Professionals and the Mothers Who Influenced Them

In Round One of this Mother's Day exercise, Y&H focused mostly on chefs. This time around, two restaurateurs and a food writer discuss the influence their mums had on their career choice. Or didn't. Former WaPo food writer Kim O'Donnel: I didn't learn to cook from my mom who had 3 kids at 28 in […]

Are You All Quick-Fired-Up About Top Chef in D.C.?

Last week, reader and blogger Jenna challenged me over my lack of enthusiasm about Top Chef filming its next season in D.C.  It was a gentle gibe, and she immediately followed with another, gentler question to prove it: She wanted to know what local spots I'd like to see featured on Bravo's reality show. Here was my […]

Quarry House and Jackie’s Yard Sale on Saturday

Don't know about you, but I have a small fascination with yard sales.  I love picking through other people's stuff. It's like sanctioned voyeurism. Sometimes you even find really cool stuff. I have no doubt I will be buying something at the Quarry House and Jackie's Yard Sale on Saturday at Jackie's Back Room, 8081 […]

When Bavaria and Brooklyn Collide…

Brewery collaborations are much in vogue these days. Dogfish Head recently teamed up with Three Floyds. Three Floyds with Mikkeller. Avery has mixed things up with Russian River. And most recently, Bell's got together with De Proef. There are probably numerous other examples of brewers cross-pollinating. (If you know of more, please let us know […]

Half Smokes Now on the Menu at Quarry House

It had been months since I last hit the Quarry House, but by the time I had my first sip of Dogfish Head's wickedly sensual Red & White, a pinot-infused wheat beer that's currently on tap, I felt like I was visiting an old friend. Well, an old friend who never leaves his basement and wants to get you […]

Alert Las Vegas: Washingtonian Debuts Burger Brackets in Time for March Madness

The recent spate of new burger joints in the D.C. market has inspired the Washingtonian to debut a March Madness-like contest, Burger Brackets, which pits ground-beef sandwich vs. ground beef sandwich until an ultimate winner is crowned. Wanna bet that Ray's Hell Burger takes top honors? Regardless of its predictability, Burger Brackets is a great […]