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Kangaroo Boxing Club? PORC Guys Explain Their New Restaurant’s Name

The operators of the popular food truck Purveyors of Rolling Cuisine (PORC, for short) have announced the name of their forthcoming restaurant in Columbia Heights. Kangaroo Boxing Club, it will be called. OK then. The explanation is "too long to explain" via Twitter, according to proprietors Josh Saltzman and Trent Allen. Thankfully, the antiquated technology of […]

PORC Truck Guys Opening a Real Restaurant in Columbia Heights

Add the crew behind the popular Purveyors of Rolling Cuisine (PORC) mobile to the growing list of local food truck operators who are also opening a more traditional brick-and-mortar-style restaurant, too. A rep for PORC founders Josh Saltzman and Trent Allen tells Y&H that the pair are partnering with fellow University of Michigan alum Chris […]

It’s Hard Out Here For A Food Truck

"Our license allows us to operate on any roadway in D.C. except the National Mall. But ever since we arrived, we've faced hurdle after hurdle. We're constantly being harassed. We've been re-inspected six times this year, even though we got perfect scores from the Health Department every time."—Josh Saltzman, co-owner of the Purveyors of Rolling […]