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Food News You Can Use: The Deep-Fry Your Halloween Candy Edition

Let's get right to the news: There's a bourbon dinner going down on Oct. 26 at Fourth Estate Restaurant at 529 14th St. NW, featuring five courses and, well, bourbon. (Girl Meets Food) The Red Derby opened a roof deck over the weekend, and it looks like it even has heaters! (Prince of Petworth) The […]

Evil Is As Evil Carves: Day 5, Underwater Pumpkin Carving

Find more videos like this on DiversOne Is this like mountain climbing? You do it because you can? Because of the sense of conquering nature it offers? Because you can get away with being a crappy, unimaginative pumpkin carver if you do it underwater? Whatever the reason, I'm not sure I understand the appeal of […]

Evil Is As Evil Carves: Day 4, Portrait Pumpkins

These pumpkins, carved by Scott Cummins, are so impressive, it's a shame that they will soon rot away into a black pool of squash flesh. I wonder if Cummins ever goes after the neighborhood kids with a pick-ax when they try to smash his pumpkins?

Evil Is As Evil Carves: Day 3, Self-Carving Pumpkin

Does this video represent self-pumpkin mutilation or self-pumpkin realization? You decide. Whatever the case, this is just creepy...and cool.

Evil Is As Evil Carves: Day 2, the Murderous Pumpkin Edition

OK, this one is off-topic, but Y&H couldn't resist. The payoff is too darkly delightful. Not your thing, eh? Not evil enough for you? Not gruesome enough? OK, then, carve your own pumpkin here, create a screen shot of it, and send it to Y&H at I'll post the best ones on the blog.

Evil Is As Evil Carves: Day 1

As we inch our way toward Halloween on Saturday, Y&H will roam the land — otherwise known as the Web — to look for the most wicked carved pumpkins out there. Check out these bad boys. I love the towering Sas-squash who torches the city as the little ones are scared out of their gourds. Got some evil […]