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Cocktail Kvetching: D.C.’s Best Bars Snubbed By Food & Wine

Food & Wine has released its list of the "50 Best Bars In America." And, just like in national politics, D.C. representation is sorely lacking. Only one hotbed of booze in the entire District merits a mention on the vaunted list: The Passenger/Columbia Room near Mt. Vernon Square. Alexandria's PX, meanwhile, earns a nod on […]

Boozy Cupcakes: So Hot Right Now

The liquor-loaded confections known as Crunkcakes may no longer be the most potent sweet treat in town. Washingtonian reports on PS7's version called "cuptails," which come "packed with one and a half ounces of alcohol." (By comparison, Crunkcakes, according to Y&H contributor Megan Arellano, each contain about an ounce of booze.) Eating two of PS7's […]

I Have a Dream (of Pecan Crusted Chicken): D.C. Restos Remember Martin Luther King, Jr.

In honor of the 48th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s famous "I Have a Dream" speech, several D.C. eateries are paying homage to the slain civil rights leader by way of various menu specials. Among them: “The King’s Speech,” a promotional cocktail at DC Coast and Acadiana , as well as “The Dream," […]

Root of the Matter: Beets and Booze at PS7’s

Talk about a better way to get my daily allowance! I would take this over V8 any day of the week. PS7's frothy $14 combination of San Luis Del Rio Mezcal, muddled pineapple and beets, and a few dashes of beet syrup, was captivating enough for me to ignore the dish of seasoned popcorn that […]

Pickled Cocktails, Pickled People

If you’ve ever cared to ask my opinion on the Dirty Martini, you’d find a generally gregarious and soft spoken me replaced by an opinionated jackass shouting down the masses for their frivolous tastes. I know that’s undoubtedly pretentious but all bartenders are allowed one hated drink be it the Mojito or Fuzzy Navel. It […]

On Whipped Cream and Cocktails

...[H]umanity in its infinite advancement sometimes still drags its knuckles when it comes to quality imbibing, especially in restaurants. Is anyone else astounded that the very first thing you’re likely handed in a dining establishment is just plain crap?