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For Many D.C. Restaurants, Patios and Roof Decks Are Now a Must-Have

Even already-popular restaurants and breweries are getting in on the trend.

The Weirdest and Most Unique Pieces of Equipment in D.C. Kitchens

Including a paint sprayer and a separatory funnel

Underserved: Beuchert’s Saloon’s Ramos Gin Fizz

Most bartenders won't make it—hence the $16 price tag.

Tim Ma Makes the Move From Virginia to D.C. With His New Restaurant Kyirisan

Ma has gained recognition and acclaim in the suburbs of Virginia, with Maple Ave Restaurant, Water & Wall, and Chase the Submarine.

Brew In Town: 3 Stars Bless Your Heart Barrel-Aged Dark Lager

A tasty bourbon beer without a high alcohol content

After a Disastrous Halloween, D.C. Bar Crawls Face New Regulations

Bar crawls can't take place on actual holidays under proposed new rules.

Garnishes Gone Wild at Tiki Bar Archipelago

Including lime frog and bananapus

The ’Wiching Hour: Pineapple and Pearls’ Egg Hash

A sandwich you'll need—and want—to eat fast.

Underserved: The Twisted Horn’s Diablito

A drink that will help transition you from winter to spring

Which D.C. Tasting Menus Are Priciest?

Prepare to spend $620 for a meal!