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What To Eat (& Drink) Tonight: Gin-grich & Tonic at Topaz

Tonight, try to numb your anxieties about the upcoming November election at Topaz, where a selection of new cocktails created in tribute to the remaining GOP candidates promise a far sweeter result than any polling place. You've got to hand it to Kimpton Hotels' resident mixologist Rico Wisner. Naming a liquid concoction after former U.S. […]

Did Obama Benefit from the Magic Tuber Pie Effect?

What is it with Obama and potatoes? According to the political humor Web site Apoliticus, hordes of Obama supporters descended upon an Idaho farm shortly before the election to gaze upon a potato resembling the then-candidate. "A minor scuffle broke out," the site reports, "as Obama supporters fought to hold the celebrity spud." No reference […]