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President and VP Make Hoagie Stop at Taylor Gourmet

Maybe they heard about the free cookies and discounts for government employees? President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden walked from the White House to the Taylor Gourmet at 17th and Pennsylvania Ave. NW this afternoon. According to the hoagie chain, Obama ordered a six-inch Race Street sandwich with roasted turkey, prosciutto, pesto, and […]

Any Guesses Which D.C. Eatery Obama Will Hit Next?

Arlington's Liberty Tavern is the latest D.C.-area eatery to get the Obama bump. Last Thursday, the president showed up to wine and dine some winning donors to his re-election campaign, noshing on tiny Chicago-style hot dogs and Portuguese-style swordfish.  A rep for the restaurant tells Y&H that the contest is part of a series, titled […]

Obama’s Latest Burger Binge: One With Cheese at Ted’s Bulletin

Eater DC reports that President Obama popped into Ted's Bulletin on Barracks Row about an hour ago for a cheeseburger with fries. The local foodie blog notes that it's the same order on the same day of the week as his last recorded burger binge at Good Stuff Eatery last Wednesday. I'm guessing that the […]

Lincoln Will Outlive Obama, Restaurateur Alan Popovsky Asserts

In the course of reporting this week's Young & Hungry column on D.C.'s Lincoln eatery, I asked proprietor Alan Popovsky point-blank whether the curiously contemporary-yet-historical concept was just some massive ploy to lure President Obama, himself a noted Abraham Lincoln buff and arguably the best restaurant promoter in town these days, to come check out […]

Quick Feeding: Obamas Dine at Lobbyist Central; Pho 14 Expanding

The Usual Powerful People Dining at the Usual Power Dining Spot: On the evening before Mother's Day, President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama dined at Ristorante Tosca downtown, a place popular with powerful folks, lobbyists, and rainmakers. [Obama Foodorama, WaPo] Improvements Pho the Future: Pho 14 in Columbia Heights will be expanding its […]

Quick Feeding: President Obama Dislikes Beets

No Beets for President Obama? Here's a reminder for anyone cooking for the president on short notice. He doesn't like beets. "[The Source's Scott] Drewno made sure to take the beets off that Arctic char dish because the president doesn’t like them, a tidbit he had known beforehand." [WaPo, NYT] Congrats, D.C.! We aren't in […]

Want to Reenact an Obama Date Night?

While Wolfgang Puck's The Source at the Newseum has had no shortage of boldface-name diners, there's nothing like a presidential visit to cement a D.C. restaurant's celebrity status. Back in January, President Obama and Michelle Obama dined there for the first lady's 47th birthday. Now, in honor of Presidents' Day, the restaurant is offering a […]

Hu’s Coming to Dinner?

In case you were wondering what was on the menu at Wednesday night's state dinner for Chinese President Hu Jintao, according to The Washington Post, "executive chef Cristeta Comerford and pastry chef Bill Yosses created a menu of pear salad with goat cheese, poached Maine lobster, rib-eye and old-fashioned—how American—apple pie with vanilla ice cream. […]

Food News You Can Use: Tis the Season for Hangover Remedies

Let's get straight to the news: Volt chef and owner Bryan Voltaggio is apparently scouting around for another restaurant, which may or may not be the second coming of Volt. (Washington Business Journal) Tis the season for tying one on. Tis the season for hangover remedies, too. A number of local heavy hitters explain their […]

Food News You Can Use: Is D.C. a ‘Food City’? Are You Tired of People Asking?

There's lots of news to pass along, so let's not waste time with idle blog-chat. The Prez parties at graham elliot in Chicago for his 49th. [Obama Foodorama] Is D.C. a "food city" or just a second-rate Big Apple? [Grub Street] Metrocurean is getting a facelift, complete with video. [Metrocurean]