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Free Food at Pollo Campero Today

It's no Los Pollos Hermanos (what's up, Breaking Bad fans!), but Pollo Campero is giving away free empanadas today at all D.C. area locations. The Latin American fast food chain is introducing three types of empanadas for you to try: spicy chicken, citrus chicken, and black bean and cheese. Pollo Campero has locations in Columbia […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on the Young & Hungry Blog

Thefts! Celebs! Confessions! Free food! C'mon, folks, let's not be so damn predictable in our reading material! Frankly, this week, I'm taking small pleasure in the fact that none of top items contained a question as a headline. Y&H has a bad habit of overusing the question-as-headline gimmick. Oh, the shame... Credit Card Theft a […]

Joking Aside, Free Sandwiches Tomorrow at Pollo Campero

Y&H will happily play the corporate shill when it comes to free food. Hey, with this economy, I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you about an opportunity to dine for nothing. The latest to throw sweet (spicy, actually) nothings at us is Pollo Campero, the Latin American chicken chain with the mascot who's only […]

Animal Mascots That Offer Themselves Up to Eat

For several years now, the wife and I have had a running joke about the Pollo Campero mascot, this extremely giddy chicken who, with wings wide apart in welcome, appears to beseech us to enter his restaurant and eat all his little friends. We amuse ourselves, we really do. But now, in the latest issue […]