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Actually, D.C. Has a Chick-fil-A, You Just Have To Find It

D.C.'s much talked-about Chick-fil-A food truck isn't hitting the streets for a little bit longer. In the meantime, folks craving some waffle fries (which the truck apparently won’t be serving) can still head over to Catholic University—home to the District's only existing outpost of the Georgia-based fried chicken chain. Well, sort of, anyway. Adam Fox, […]

Andy Shallal Is Not The Next Herman Cain

Appearing on NPR earlier this week, Andy Shallal, the activist owner of Busboys & Poets, was asked whether he could see himself one day following in the footsteps of another restaurateur turned politico, Herman Cain, former CEO of Godfather's Pizza. Shallal was pretty adamant: "God forbid. That's not – no. I don't have any real […]

Watch Out, Vince Gray! José Andrés Wants To Be Mayor

The Wall Street Journal spends some time with "the Tasmanian devil" of the D.C. culinary scene, José Andrés, and finds "a man fighting hunger who himself can consume enough for four; a cook without a high-school diploma who lectures on food at Harvard; a swollen-hearted crusader who works to stretch scraps into meals for D.C.'s […]

Polite Dinner Conversation at Sax: Who Put Pubic Hair On My Coke?

There's an old saying: "No politics or religion at the dinner table." But at the brand-spankin' new Sax lounge and restaurant in downtown D.C., which debuted with a splashy opening party on Wednesday night, such taboo topics of discussion are highly encouraged, over meals starting at $75 per person. The lavish location is decorated with […]

Hungry for Politics: The Wrap

LL learned a lot of food trivia today. For instance: Vincent Gray loves wonton soup. Loves the stuff. Had it for lunch today. His chief of staff regularly picks up a double order for him from the Meiwah Express stand at the Reagan Building food court. There's a great debate over which Starbucks to patronize […]

Hungry for Politics: Tommy Wells

Tommy Wells has been Ward 6 councilmember since 2007. Favorite Ward Haunts: "It really depends on the occasion. If my wife and I are beleaguered and had a rough week and we want comfort food, we go to La Loma. Sam Fuentes and his family take care of us....When you want to go to someplace […]

Hungry for Politics: Phil Mendelson

Phil Mendelson has been an at-large councilmember since 1998. Favorite Restaurant: American City Diner. LL pointed out this is a political pick; ACD owner Jeffrey Gildenhorn is active in local politics. Replied Mendo, "It's a diner! You don't have an appreciation for diners!" Power Lunch Locale: M&S Grill, at 13th and F. He gets the […]

Old Ebbitt Grill Is Not a Fan of Policies

The Old Ebbitt Grill doesn't care much for hard-and-fast policies, which may seem strange for a restaurant located across the way from the White House and owned by the Clyde's Restaurant Group. When celebrities visit the city's oldest restaurant, for instance, the staff is not required by management to act all cool. Servers, bussers, bartenders, whoever can […]

Hungry for Politics: Carrie Kohns

Carrie S. Kohns is chief of staff to Mayor Adrian M. Fenty. She has been described to LL as a "definite foodie." So Hot Right Now: "Sei, on 7th Street. Love the fish-and-chips roll." Old Standby: "You can't go wrong with BLT [Steak]. That's an old standby. Delicious every time, great service—best steak in town, […]

Hungry for Politics: Marion Barry

Marion Barry is Ward 8 councilmember and a former four-term mayor of the District of Columbia. Favorite Restaurant: "Don't have one." Barry then goes on to name dozens of restaurants, past and present, that he has patronized. "Player's [Lounge, now Georgena's]—that's at the top of that list." There he favors the fish, collard greens, and […]