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Nacho Mama’s Nachos: Unconventional Takes on the Classic Snack

From DGS Delicatessen, Right Proper, and more

Small Plates, Big Money

Two frequent gripes plague small plate restaurants: 1) The prices 2) servers telling you how many dishes you should order per person. The number is often too large, and consequently, the final tab is often too much. I called up six tapas-style restaurants to see how many dishes they recommend for dinner, then stacked up […]

Cocktail Guess: “Make Me Something to Warm Me Up”

Where: Napoleon Bistro & Lounge, 1847 Columbia Road NW Bartender Response: “I can make an Irish coffee.” What We Got: An Irish coffee made with coffee, Jameson whiskey, and Bailey’s Irish Cream, and topped with whipped cream. Price: $10 How It Tasted: Despite the sweetness of the cream, the strong coffee and strong whiskey provided […]

Eat the Vote: Blue and Red Cocktails at Policy

Bars, just say no to blue curaçao. It's gross and it's only appeal is that it's, well, blue. I know you want to have blue and red cocktails, but c'mon, get creative. Think outside the ballot box. That's just one of the problems with the cocktails at Policy: the Basil "Barack"-Berry and the Pomegra"Mitt" mojito. […]

Drink The Vote

The stomach is not only the way to the heart: At some establishments, it’s also the way to your vote. Several area restaurants are getting in on election mania by offering Democratic- and Republican-themed drinks—and subsequently tallying sales to help predict the election. (Because the amount of blue curaçao in your cocktail is directly proportionate […]

Cocktails on Tap: The Next Big Thing

Put it on tap, and it's officially trendy. Two weeks ago in the print edition of Washington City Paper, we rounded up five restaurants offering drinks other than beer and wine on draft. Then last week, we discussed how Jackie Greenbaum's forthcoming Columbia Heights Mexican joint El Chucho will join Bandolero in offering margaritas on […]

Last Night’s Leftovers: Five Buck Chuck Edition

New York's Five Napkin Burger plans to expand to D.C. [Burger Days] The Five Buck Chuck doesn't suck at Burger Tap & Shake. [Post] D.C.'s Fojol Bros. ranks among America's  Top 20 food trucks. [Smithsonian] CityZen, Plume and Marcel's rank among America's Top 100 for best service. [Open Table] Columbia Room's Derek Brown thinks Yelp […]

This Week In Beer: Tour of Belgium at Granville Moore’s, Dogfish Head Dinner at Policy, Quebecois Rarities at ChurchKey & More

It's Belgian Restaurant Week in D.C., with most events occurring in the name of Belgian independence. Feestdag your eyes on my picks below, but click on any event in the D.C. Beer Events Calendar above for more details. Out of all Belgian fun to be had, my top pick is the "Tour of Belgium" dinner on Wednesday […]

Cruller Intentions

Fabio Trabocchi has long impressed critics through his innovative cooking—smoking meats and fish over smoldering thatches of hay, for instance, or infusing his lasagna with offal. But at Fiola, Trabocchi’s latest Italian eatery in Penn Quarter, nothing impressed me more than the simple bombolini: golf-ball-sized puffy pillows of aromatic freshly fried dough, stuffed with ricotta […]

Last Week’s Leftovers: How Powerful Is Minibar Really?

Dishes We Dug: Maine-style lobster roll (pictured) at Luke's Lobster; baked beans with burnt ends at Hill Country; chapulines (sautéed grasshoppers) at Oyamel; fried zeppoles with rum crème anglaise at Policy. Dishes We Didn't: Slow cooked beef brisket on a potato roll at The Diner–dry enough to qualify as jerky. Venues Notably Missing From City […]