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Bergami’s Will Bring “Carb-Less Pizza” to Rhode Island Row

Is a pizza without dough really a pizza? At Bergami's, a new fast casual pizzeria opening next spring at the Rhode Island Row development in Brentwood, they want you to answer that with a "yes." In addition to traditional, whole wheat, and gluten-free crust options, the restaurant will offer a "carb-less" version made out of […]

Did Competition Kill Edan MacQuaid’s Pizzeria Before It Ever Opened?

The 14th Street NW pizzeria from esteemed pizzaiolo Edan MacQuaid and Local 16 owner Aman Ayoubi will be no more. MacQuaid posted on Don Rockwell yesterday that the restaurant has fallen through, and he is looking for a new job. He explained to the Post that they weren't able to come up with enough capital. Ayoubi […]

Armand’s Closing in Tenleytown

After 37 years of business, Armand’s Pizza in Tenleytown will serve its last pie on June 30. “Our rent is very expensive—$12,000 a month,” says owner Ron Newmyer, son of the restaurant's founder. “The cost of doing business these days is very, very different than even ten years ago.” Armand’s Pizza has five additional locations […]

Spike Mendelsohn Set to Open Pizzeria in D.C.

Y&H has had Spike Mendelsohn on speed dial today, but so far no calls back from the former Top Chef-er turned burger man. But Mendelsohn himself, according to a food diary he kept for New York magazine, says that he plans to open a yet-unnamed pizzeria in D.C. in the "next three or four months." […]