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A Disgruntled Reader Suggests Y&H Change His Review of Pizzeria Orso

Melisse Baylor sent me an e-mail this afternoon, under the heading, "pizzeria orso — you mind want to amend your review." Never mind the typo, I got the idea. Melissa Baylor and her family had a bad experience at the new Falls Church pizzeria, which I had raved about earlier this week. Below is the […]

2Amys, Consider Yourself Warned: Edan MacQuaid Is Back in Business

As soon as the pie hit the table at Pizzeria Orso, I knew I was in the presence of Edan MacQuaid, the pizzaiolo who has worked the wood-burning ovens at 2Amys, Pizzeria Paradiso, and RedRocks. I'd recognize his margherita pizza anywhere. It's not just the puffy crust, mottled with char and radiating a wood-smoke aroma […]

Y&H to Talk Pizzas, from New Haven to Neapolitan, on Metro Connection

The New Haven white clam pie at Pete's Today on Metro Connection, host David Furst and I talk about D.C.'s pizza scene. With the additions of Pizzeria Orso, Pupatella, Pacci's, Il Canale, Seventh Hill, and the second location of Pete's Apizza, I make the argument that the D.C. metro area now has a vibrant, serious-minded […]

Pizzeria Orso Finally Opens

Pizzeria Orso is open for business. The man who normally occupies this space has been waiting a while for this day. "Can you please open already?" Tim wrote in January, declaring that "of all the pizzerias scheduled to open soon, none gets me more excited than" the then-mythic Falls Church joint which had been in […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Oprah not only turns books into bestsellers, but her very name also generates clicks on lowly little food blogs. I'm thinking I'll put Oprah's name on every blog headline from now on. Just think: Even Oprah Wants Michael Landrum to Open a Hell Burger in Adams Morgan! Yep, Oprah and Michael Pollan's chat session was […]

Pizzeria Orso in Falls Church: Can You Please Open Already?

Of all the pizzerias scheduled to open soon, none gets me more excited than Pizzeria Orso, the planned project between former 2Amys pie-maker Edan MacQuaid and the owners of 2941. The problem is, I don't know how much longer I can sustain this excitement. I mean, this pizzeria has been on the boards for nearly two […]