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Chronicling the Death of Fro-Yo

The trend is losing steam.

Sauce-O-Meter: How Recent Food Happenings Measure Up

Kolaches are mumbo sauce. McFadden's is lame sauce.

Taste Test: National Restaurant Chains Discover D.C. is a Pretty Good Guinea Pig

ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen tried to sneak quietly into D.C. When it opened in Dupont Circle in September 2011, there were no press releases or grand opening parties. The top priority for the Chipotle spin-off was to have a place to learn and experiment, not necessarily to make a big splash. And Washington’s demographics made […]

Free Food Alert: Pinkberry Unfrozen Yogurt

In June, D.C. became the guinea pig for Pinkberry's new unfrozen yogurt. Today, you can try it for free. D.C.-area locations are giving away free greek yogurt from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. Like the frozen variety, it can be paired with fruit, granolas, and other sweeteners as well as savory toppings like pesto, tomato, and […]

Pinkberry Now Has Unfrozen Yogurt

The California-based chain largely credited with popularizing frozen yogurt is unfreezing it. Yes, Pinkberry is now selling unfrozen Greek yogurt. Or, as we like to call it, yogurt. And it turns out you don't have to go to Greece, or even Los Angeles, to sample it: D.C. and Boston are the guinea pigs for Pinkberry's […]

Free Froyo! Giveaways Today at Georgetown’s New Pinkberry

The latest outpost of the rapidly expanding Pinkberry frozen yogurt chain opens Friday in Georgetown. On Thursday, the staff is handing out free samples of the stuff to all passersby from noon until 4 p.m. The first 500 in line are also expected to receive a complimentary cupcake from that neighboring tourist-magnet bakery you might […]

Free Froyo! Pinkberry Is Coming to Georgetown

Trendy frozen yogurt chain Pinkberry is opening its second D.C. shop at 3288 M St. NW in Georgetown. With a knack for attracting long lines and being located across the street from fellow lemming magnet Georgetown Cupcake, Pinkberry's arrival promises to make M Street sidewalks even less manageable. The fustercluck worsens tonight. To celebrate the […]

Quick Feeding: Pinkberry Has a Sorority Street Team for Dupont Opening

Restaurant Spawns: Corduroy is planning a "very casual" companion restaurant next door to its 9th Street NW digs that'll offer, among other things, "salads, soups and pizza, as well as features like New Jersey shore hot dogs, pupusas (a Salvadoran street food) and salmon." [WBJ] Surprise! Yes, there are some good bagels in the D.C. […]

Quick Feeding: Trystian Inspiration and Belgian Chef Secrets

International Secrets: Where does the Belgian Embassy's chef like to eat when he's not cooking? Belga Café, naturally. Also, Et Voila, Brasserie Beck, and Marvin. [Eater D.C.] Trysts Everywhere! As the folks behind Tryst look to open a similar type of place in Columbia Heights, the owners of Fly Lounge are looking to open a […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Maybe we should have less food porn on Y&H and more chef porn? Then again, I'm not sure this photo of David Guas qualifies in the latter category, but it would seem to redefine, at least for the readers who flocked to it, the idea of "arm candy." Take a look at your Top 5 […]