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Where Do You Stand on China’s Dog-Eating Habits?

The Chinese government is considering a ban on dog meat in the country, which has consumed the animal for centuries without much of a moral burp. But according to this Al Jazeera report, the budding Chinese middle class has started to adopt the Western habit of pet ownership, making many queasy about skinning and butchering […]

How Raw Pig Skin Becomes Deep-Fried Pork Rinds

The History Channel's Modern Marvels gives you an insider's view of something you may not want to see: how pork rinds are made at a Rudolph Foods processing plant. Frankly, it's not as gross as the weiner-making video, but it's still just a massive, industrial process untouched by human hands. If you want a more […]

Get to Know Your Pork Cuts

Jeffrey Ruhalter, a delightfully cocky fourth-generation master butcher and owner of Jeffrey's Meat Market in New York City, breaks down a complete side of pork, from Boston butt to tail. Most of us will never butcher a pig in our lives, but this video for Gourmet doubles as a graphic, up-close guide to the major […]

Spanish Pigs May Be Fattening Up on Turkish Acorns!

Remember what I was saying about the pricy Iberico de bellota ham? How "[e]very molecule of that meat has been infused with the forest in which that pig forages; the muscle and the fat almost melt on your tongue, leaving behind both a big buttery flavor and an ineffable sense of the Spanish countryside"? Well, […]

British Actor Sleeps with Pigs

Actor Richard da Costa spent four days living with swine to learn about industrial agriculture. So how long it take him before he ate pork again? Find out in his essay for the BBC.