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Super Tacos, Pica Taco, Taqueria Juquilita: What’s D.C.’s Best Filled Tortilla?

National foodie site Serious Eats surveys some of the D.C.-area's best taco spots. Six of nine places on the list are in the suburbs. But the District proper is represented: Two Adams Morgan-area eateries, Super Tacos ("part of the drunk food culture here") and Pica Taco ("[p]erhaps the best barbacoa of the entire taco trip"), […]

This Just In: Definitive Evidence on Where Pica Taco Got Its Name

In response to yesterday's admittedly cheap-and-easy post on Pica Taco's name (hey, I blame Loose Lips for any cultural slights caused by this!), Stefanie Gans at Endless Simmer wrote in to explain the true inspiration behind the shop's moniker. Writes Gans (mostly known as Gansie in local food circles):

Pica Taco: Much Better Than Eating Dirt

Tacos, I'm beginning to think, are the trendiest food in town, which, if nothing else, helps justify my reckless appetite for these hand-held babies. The evidence: At Masa 14, I  devoured the brilliantly conceived and simply executed pork belly al pastor taco, in which a sweet, slightly deflated Chinese steamed bun stands in for corn […]