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Photos: How to Break Down a Pig’s Head

Photos: Ray’s the Steaks and Ray’s the People at East River

There's a new steakhouse in the District, and it is, by my reckoning, D.C.'s first true steakhouse: Ray's the Steaks at East River. It's a meat emporium designed for, and run by, longtime Washingtonians — you know, the ones marginalized not only by the federal government, but also by the local transients who’d rather drink […]

Photos: And Mushroom Sauce…

Photo: Movie Theater Butter

Photos: More Murray’s Meats

Photos: Popcorn by Mike

Photos: Old Ebbitt Grill, Reds and Greens

Photo: Bean Sprouts, Two Bags Full

Photos: Florida Avenue Market

Photo: Murray’s Meats