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Progress at Taylor Gourmet on 14th Street, Delays at Steak & Ice on H

The hoagie honchos of Taylor Gourmet are inching closer to opening their fourth D.C.-area location in Logan Circle. Co-owner Casey Patten tells Y&H alum and WaPo food scribe Tim Carman that he isn't sure whether the newest sandwich spot at 1910 14th St. NW, near T Street, will open before or after the holidays. Either […]

Y&H Tries His Hand at Raichlen’s Tenderloin Cheesesteak

As promised, Y&H put Steven Raichlen's tenderloin cheesesteak recipe to the test over the Labor Day weekend. By and large, I'd say it's a winning, low-carb and high-cholesterol approach to the classic Philly cheesesteak; the four of us gobbled the dish down with little complaint. But with all due respect to Raichlen, I do have […]

The Horseshoe: Where Does It Rate on the Gross/Delicious Sandwich Scale?

The Wall Street Journal decided to use its limited resources to unpack the history and heart-healthiness (gee, guess?) of the Horseshoe, an open-faced sandwich of bread, meat (often ground beef), French fries, and cheese sauce created in Springfield, Ill. The plate does look like the aftermath of a collision between station cooks in the kitchen. But, really, […]