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Cookbook Forewarns of PS7’s Closure

Could the rumors of PS7's shutter be true after all? A just-released cookbook called Washington, DC Chef's Table lists the restaurant as "closed but not forgotten" alongside a recipe for chef and owner Peter Smith's pull-apart pork sticky buns. Author Beth Kanter tells Y&H:  "A rep for Peter called me shortly before we went to press […]

Pop Up? Pipe Down!

Lost Society, on U Street NW, is normally closed on Monday nights. But on a recent Monday evening, its dining room played host to 18 guests in a somewhat unusual arrangement. Seated around one long communal table, the diners ate dishes like popcorn soup, strawberry pasta, and a Ritz cracker ice cream with warm apple […]

God is My Sous Chef

The giant pot is screaming hot when Pete Smith grabs it and runs out the kitchen door. “Look out,” shouts the chef of Penn Quarter’s PS7’s. Smith swirls the contents—rosemary, thyme, garlic, lemongrass, star anise, and half a dozen other herbs and spices simmering in oil—as he makes a lap past the bar and around […]