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Posh Abruptly Closes. Where Will Folks Turn for ‘Mad for Chicken’?

Posh Restaurant and Supper Club's abrupt closing today left a number of fans scrambling for their fix of chef Christopher Willis' righteous wings and drumsticks, a collection of spicy and/or soy-slathered bird parts known as Mad for Chicken. Since the restaurant hasn't been forthcoming with details yet, Y&H contacted Willis for his take on several […]

Highlights from Our D.C. Food Day

The City Paper editorial staff fanned out across the area yesterday to take a look at the way we eat, all the way down to Darrow Montgomery's dog, named Beans, appropriately enough. Fortunately, most of us, if not those poor souls at Washington Hospital Center, dine much better than Beans. Here are the highlights from […]

How a Personal Chef Designs a Kitchen

Let's say you cooked in three to five different kitchens every week, and you did that for a period of several years? Well you'd probably be pretty good at designing a kitchen. Personal chef Monica Thomas has that background, plus several years catering experience, not to mention a big family that expects some plate-filling from […]

Thursday Is Just an Average Day for Food

And average is just what we're after. If you'll recall, back on Feb. 19, we at the City Paper hit the streets to chronicle an average day in the life of the District. It was boring, it was funny, it was brilliant, it was stupid, it was what y'all do with your lives. So we're […]