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Walgreens Sells Own Line of Beer

Illinois-based drugstore chain Walgreens has rolled out its own line of beer called Big Flats 1901 Premium Lager. The 4.5 percent alcohol-by-volume canned American light lager, which has been compared to PBR, is produced by California-based Winery Exchange, a company that creates private-label beer, wine and spirits for corporations like 7-Eleven and CostCo. The name […]

The Beer Issue: What Others Are Saying

If the Washington City Paper's debut Beer Issue accomplished anything, it got people talking. And bitching. And praising. And wondering what planet we live on.  Below are a handful of the many comments found on Twitter, the DC-Beer listserv, blogs, and elsewhere. On the Beer Issue in general: @jacobsberg: "b/w the @wcp #beer issue and […]

The Washington City Paper Beer Issue

The beer can above (*) is an original of the Olde Christian Heurich Brewing Co., the last production brewery to call D.C. home. The brewery closed in 1956 after 83 years in business, the victim of the major beer companies that were harnessing the power of TV to build their empires. But as Lagerhead Tammy […]

My PBR Weekend

For my article for this week's Beer Issue, I spent a good chunk of last weekend embedded with Dan VanHoozer, the Pabst Brewing Co.'s marketing manager in D.C., crisscrossing various hot spots of the District's hip cultural class: Jimmy Valentine's near H Street NE, the Rock & Roll Hotel, a boozy party put on by […]

Food News You Can Use: Concealed Carrot Edition

Adams Morgan has a new lunch option: the Uptowner Cafe and Market. The operation, located in the old Caribou space on 18th Street, is less a deli than So's Your Mom, but it sells pre-made sushi rolls, for those too lazy to walk to Harris Teeter. The grilled chicken with mozz, tomatoes, and generous sprinkles […]