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Don’t Blame Paula Deen! José Andrés Weighs In On America’s Obesity Problem

D.C.'s most outspoken chef, José Andrés, took to the airwaves this morning to address the shit-storm surrounding the so-called "Butter Queen," Paula Deen, and all her profiteering from fatty food recipes while simultaneously concealing her own health problems. Appearing on CBS This Morning, Andrés said he expected more of a mea culpa from Deen but […]

Quick Feeding: Sticky Book Pages, Paula Deen, and One Final Note on Musrkat

Sweet Victory: A local baked-goods emporium, Sticky Fingers in Columbia Heights, competed in a cupcake contest on a cable television reality show, won a big prize, and now it's time to write a book! This is how culinary celebrities are made. [Super Vegan; Eater D.C.] Muskrat Taste Test: Want to taste some rodent? Here's one […]

Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: Bon Chon Chicken

Like its Southern counterpart, Korean fried chicken is not all alike. If you don’t believe me, drive to Annandale and first sample Cheogajip’s take on Far Eastern KFC, a plate of fried bird parts whose crispy, fiery strengths don’t begin to outweigh its gloppy, oversauced faults. Then head to another chain, Bon Chon Chicken (but […]

Blast from the Past: White Trash Chic

Remember all those years ago when the media were predicting (and furrowing their brows over) the rise of white trash culture? OK, four years ago. Well, that was before the real estate crash, which forced some of us to live in trailer parks, not joke about them. So perhaps the whole white trash chic just […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Well, well, it's clear what kind of crowd we have here at Young & Hungry: the kind that likes to watch Paula Deen take a frozen ham to the schnoz. The video was, far and away, the most popular post this week. Honestly, I don't know how we live with ourselves. Here's what you clicked […]

Flying Ham Hits Paula Deen in the Snout

Watch CBS News Videos Online In the no-good-deed-goes-unpunished category: Celebrity chef Paula Deen, while helping out the homeless today in Atlanta, took a honey-baked ham to the face. According to a report, here's how the incident went down:

D.C. Cooking Instructor Teaches Paula Deen How to Make Fried Plantains

In my post earlier today on Oreo cookies (not to mention my recent Y&H column on Tex-Mex), I name-drop Mexican chef Patricia Jinich. If you haven't learned about her already, do yourself the favor and read Joan Nathan's insightful piece in the New York Times on Jinich. Jinich's star is obviously on the rise. In […]

Mac ‘n’ Cheese Recipes for a Cold and Rainy Wednesday

I don't know why, but days like today call for ungodly amounts of greasy calories, guilt not included. This video for deep-fried, bacon-wrapped mac 'n' cheese is pure Paula Deen, simultaneously exuding breezy backwoods Southern charm while drowning us in good ol' barnyard animal fat. By contrast, Patricia Wells' take on the pasta dish doesn't […]

South Beach Food Festival Showcases Paula’s Butt and Mario’s Mouth

First came Mario Batali dropping f-bombs in front of the king and queen of Spain. Then came Paula Deen accidentally dropping her pants. (See the Miami New Times video, if you dare.) I guess you could say that the South Beach Wine & Food Festival is an embarrassment of riches—or rich in embarrassment.