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Four Diners Coming Soon to the D.C.-Area

The diner is making a comeback.

Paul Ruppert to Open Slim’s Diner in Petworth

It's within a block of Petworth Citizen, Crane & Turtle, and Upshur Street Books.

What’s in a Name? For Restaurants, Everything.

It could have been called Scotch and Sofa. Or worse: Couch. Those were some of the names that The Fainting Goat owners Greg Algie and Henry Bruce spitballed for their U Street NW restaurant before it opened last winter. The building, after all, once belonged to a home furnishings shop. “In his head, he was just […]

French-Japanese Crane & Turtle Opens in Petworth Today

When restaurateur Paul Ruppert opens a new spot, the space and people come before he ever decides on a concept. So it wasn’t until the co-owner of The Passenger, Room 11, and Petworth Citizen found chef Makoto Hamamura that he decided his next venture, Crane & Turtle, would be a French-Japanese restaurant. After all, Hamamura […]

Ten Places You’ll Wish Were Already Open

Will 2014 be the year the New York Times and other national rags stop mentioning politics and expense accounts when writing about D.C.’s food scene? Wishful thinking, perhaps. But the city’s culinary cred will only demand more respect this year. Sure, plenty of big name celebrity chefs—Philadelphia’s Jose Garces, New York’s Daniel Boulud, Boston’s Michael […]

Petworth Citizen & Reading Room Coming Soon

Petworth Citizen & Reading Room—a bar, restaurant, and free book library—is set to open later this week at 829 Upshur St. NW in Petworth. It's one of two restaurants/bars coming to Upshur Street from Room 11 and The Passenger co-owner Paul Ruppert. Across from Petworth Citizen will be a yet-unnamed French-Japanese restaurant. Chef Makoto Hamamura, […]

Get a Sneak Peek of Paul Ruppert’s Petworth Bar at Hogo

Room 11 and The Passenger partner Paul Ruppert hasn't yet finalized a name for his new bar coming to the former Island Cafe space at 829 Upshur St. NW, but you'll nonetheless be able to get a first taste of it at Hogo this month.

Will The Passenger and Hogo Be Displaced by New Development?

Housing Complex reporter Aaron Wiener reports the startling news this afternoon that The Passenger and soon-to-open rum bar and restaurant Hogo could close in a year to make room for a development from the Douglas Development Corporation. Douglas is under contract to buy the properties and a string of storefronts along 7th Street, says the company's Paul […]

Coffee, Pastries, and Vermouth on Tap at Expanded Room 11

Room 11 is set to open its expanded bar and dining area tomorrow, serving coffee and pastries by day and amaro, aperitifs, and vermouths at night. The expanded space will open at 8 a.m. every day for fresh-baked pastries and coffee from local roasters Ceremony and Vigilante, then transition to lunch and a light drink menu […]

The Passenger Set to Open Tomorrow

Unlike what was reported over at Brand X, the Passenger plans to open to the public tomorrow in the former bar/cafe space at the Warehouse Theater on Seventh Street NW, even though some of the bar will not be complete. Co-owner Derek Brown says that most of the space will be ready and that 90 […]