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Chew On This, Wasteful G-Men: A Real $16 Muffin at Founding Farmers

Remember the whole brouhaha about the Justice Department effectively shelling out $16 per muffin at a recent conference. Urban Daddy now points us to a place where you, too, can get a crumby confection with a price tag soaring  into the double digits. Founding Farmers is offering what it's calling the "24K Jumbo Pumpkin Muffin," […]

Move Over, Ted’s! There’s a New Homemade Pop-Tart in Town

Ted's Bulletin isn't the only place in D.C. turning your favorite childhood pastry into modern day comfort food. Flying Fish Coffee, which opened in Mt. Pleasant this past April, was offering its own homemade style of Pop-Tarts this morning, a red plum variety on special for $2 a pop, um, tart. Flaky and lightly sticky […]