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ARLnow: David Guas Has Signed a Lease for Bayou Bakery

Y&H has not been able to independently confirm this information yet, but ARLnow reported today that former Passion Food pastry chef David Guas has signed a lease to open Bayou Bakery in the former Camille's Sidewalk Cafe space at Arlington Courthouse. Details are thin at this point, but ARLnow notes that "Bayou Bakery just applied […]

Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: Locolat

Few restaurants have the pedigree of Locolat, yet the place barely rates more than a passing reference from most professional palates, as if we can’t be bothered with a mere chocolate shop that caters to a lunchtime crowd with a line of humble sandwiches. But let’s review the facts: Owner Niel Piferoen has studied with, […]

Philly Baker Sets the Record Straight on Canelés

Ortale's canelé, which took him months to perfect Gil Ortale, the man behind Market Day Canelé in Philadelphia, almost went hooligan when he saw last week's Y&H post on the classic Bordeaux pastry. He was none too pleased about the fussy, highfalutin tone of the video I posted and wanted to set the record straight. […]

I Want a Canelé Right Now!

Specifically, I want one like they make at Boulettes Larder in San Francisco. But where is the closest equivalent in D.C.?  I have to admit, I haven't seen a canelé around these parts. Help me out here, Y&H Nation. Video courtesy of

Take the Christmas Foods Quiz

Yum Sugar has compiled a seven-question quiz asking readers to match Christmas foods with their country of origin. I thought I would breeze through this. Not so much. Take the quiz yourself and let's compare scores. No cheating. No searching on the Web for the answers first. Take it straight up, like you've just been […]

Woodmoor Pastry Shop Sells One Crazy Cool Coffee Cake

This morning, I found myself doing what I often do: wandering the streets. It's an occupational hazard, which can lead to some foul-tasting encounters. But today I ran across a place that I had somehow missed for years — the Woodmoor Pastry Shop, which has only been around Silver Spring for, oh, 50 years. The […]