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Last Night’s Leftovers: Indomitable Komi Edition

Komi is still tops among the D.C.-area's "100 Very Best Restaurants." The Source, meanwhile, drops a few notches (and a full star). [Washingtonian via Eater DC] Take a peek inside the new and improved Great Wall Szechuan House [Prince of Petworth] Black-eyed peas may have little to do with good luck—but at least something to […]

Spot Check: Pasta Mia

Pasta Mia has built its considerable reputation on preparing dishes to order and preparing customers to accept the red-sauce house's many limitations. Among them: cash only, no reservations, no substitutions, no bar, no seating until the full party arrives, and no wines by the glass other than the cheap house vino. Restaurants with significantly better pedigrees wish to God they could […]

Daily Food Blog Roundup: Cooking for the Weekend

Don't know about you, but after a long work week, I love to hole up in the kitchen and cook. Carrie and I don't get to do that much, given my obsessive devotion to dining out, but this weekend we're hosting a craft-beer party for the Shitheads that promises to keep us in the kitchen most of Saturday. I can't […]

How to Throw a Stinkin’ Boitday for a Red Sauce Lover

Jim had been planning this thing—or "ting" as he had come to call it—for nearly a month. It started out as a simple birthday dinner for our friend Lou, he of the award-winning holiday cookie recipe. It practically turned into a quest to replicate the entire menu from the late, lamented A.V. Ristoranto. The immovable […]