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Pay Cheese: Radius Charges Extra For Fancy Parmesan

Oh, what trying times are these for the once-free perks of dining out: We've seen complimentary bread baskets removed from the dinner table. We've seen bread service come at a fee. We've even seen a few cents demanded for tap water. And now your traditional pizza sprinklings are arriving at an additional cost, too: Radius […]

Wemple Will Take Sargento Over the Freshly Shaved Shit Anyday

Snuck out to Ristorante Posto on Saturday night. I’d heard some good things and some mediocre things about this new Logan Circle hotspot, and they were confirmed by and large. Good, bountiful entree of pasta and seafood, though hardly exceptional. Great green salad. But I am not here to speak about the food that comes […]

Parmesan Cheese: Another Victim of the Global Economic Crisis

The U.S. government bails out automakers and banks. In Italy, they bail out a different kind of billion-dollar industry, Parmesan cheese producers. Who, I ask, has the more civilized society? London's Telegraph reports: "Silvio Berlusconi's government is to buy 100,000 of the country's beloved Parmigiano Reggiano cheeses from its hard-pressed producers at a cost to […]