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Getting to the Ruta of Bar Pilar’s Peas and Cheese Plate

'"This is really beautiful," my friend blurted out as the bright white  plate of ricotta and peas hits the table. We were sitting at one of two outside tables at Bar Pilar, a coveted spot that my boyfriend and I considered ourselves lucky to land. Then we saw a friend down walking down 14th Street […]

First Look: Palena’s Expansion and Renovations

While milling around Cleveland Park on a weekend walking tour, I ducked into the recently expanded Palena Cafe and Restaurant and spoke to general manager Sarah McCarty. She was nice enough to let me snap a few photos and tell me more about the changes at the newly opened space. While the cafe has expanded […]

A Cold Chill Coming from Sou’Wester

The Sou'Wester pork jowl BLT sounded too mouthwatering to pass up, even if we were way past tomato season, but at $7 per sandwich, I had to ask our waiter how large the lunch-time portion was. He indicated that the sammie was small, perhaps the size of my hand, and that depending on my appetite, […]

Fast Foods Take the Lead in D.C. Dish Hall of Fame Voting

Voting is just a couple of weeks old for the inaugural class of the D.C. Dish Hall of Fame, but already a pattern has emerged: Fast foods are dominating the competition. That's hardly surprising, of course. On a daily basis, you know that people order about 500 more half smokes at Ben's Chili Bowl than, […]