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Holy Guacamole

Mexican food and various gourmet interpretations of it have exploded in the past year. And in the process, so have the average tabs at the joints serving it. Here's how prices at some of the city's most popular and newest "Hip-Mex" joints stack up:

What To Eat (& Drink) Today: Free Mezcal Cocktails at Oyamel

Tonight, Oyamel kicks-off its fifth annual Tequila & Mezcal Festival with complimentary cocktails designed to demonstrate the versatility of agave-based spirits. The evening's boozy program, titled “Everything is Better with Mezcal,” runs from 4 to 6 p.m. If the free drinks make you hungry, the restaurant is also offering an array of antojitos served exclusively […]

What Are D.C.’s Most Worker-Friendly Restaurants? (Hint: Not Clyde’s)

A national restaurant workers’ organization on Thursday unveiled a handy new dining guide. This one rates restaurants not on their food, service and decor but instead on working conditions: things like wages, paid sick leave, occupational segregation—appetizing topics like that. A number of D.C.-area eateries are featured in the guide, not always in a positive […]

Super Tacos, Pica Taco, Taqueria Juquilita: What’s D.C.’s Best Filled Tortilla?

National foodie site Serious Eats surveys some of the D.C.-area's best taco spots. Six of nine places on the list are in the suburbs. But the District proper is represented: Two Adams Morgan-area eateries, Super Tacos ("part of the drunk food culture here") and Pica Taco ("[p]erhaps the best barbacoa of the entire taco trip"), […]

Cocktail Guess: ‘Make me a tequila cocktail with no citrus or peel’

Location: Big Bear Cafe, 1700 1st St. NW Bartender response: “You know almost everything has citrus in it, right?” What we got: Tequila with cherry juice and ginger beer How it tasted: Sharp, spicy and refreshing Price: $7 Improv points (1-5): 3. Cherry is a stone fruit, not citrus. Our bartender earns a point for […]

Grito de Delicioso: Mexican Independence Day Means Special Menus Aplenty

Friday is Mexican Independence Day and a number of local cocinas are observing the holiday by offering special menus. At Casa Oaxaca in Adams Morgan, chef Karen Barroso has created a lineup of antojitos, or small plates, and holiday staples, including chiles en nogada, a stuffed pepper made with ingredients that resemble the colors of […]

WTOP Discovers Oyamel’s Grasshopper Taco

"It's very salty," WTOP reporter Paul D. Shinkman remarks after taking his first bite of tacos de chapulines—that is, grasshoppers—at Oyamel in Penn Quarter. The news radio station assigned the "very ambivalent reporter" to sample the Mexican delicacy after reading about the ecological benefits of eating bugs in the New Yorker. Young & Hungry previously tossed […]

Huitlacoche: ‘Mexican Truffle’ or ‘Excrement of the Gods’?

“What is this stuff?” my somewhat startled dining companion whispers across our table at Casa Oaxaca in Adams Morgan. I'm sure it’s a common question for those who order dishes containing huitlacoche, or corn smut, a rather questionable-looking byproduct of disease-ridden maize that's been eaten since the days of the Mayans and Aztecs. The stuff […]

Poder de Chapulines: How Grasshopper Tacos Can Save the World

Given the recent health department crackdown on cicada ice cream in Missouri, Smithsonian's Food & Think blog revisits the issue of entomophagy—that is, the fancy Latin term for eating insects. Naturally, the article mentions several exotic locales where certain bugs are considered a delicacy, including, yes, Washington, D.C., where some fancy restaurants sell tacos stuffed […]

Frosting on Debate: What Defines a Doughnut?

Are doughnuts the new cupcake? Asking that question of various D.C.-area fried-dough aficionados for this week's Young & Hungry column tended to lead to a more Clintonian discussion: how do you define a doughnut? A cupcake is a cupcake. It's small. It's muffin-shaped. It sometimes has sprinkles. Doughnuts come in all shapes and sizes and […]