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Seven Faces Barroom Not Happening For Now

Y&H reported last November that bartenders Patrick Owens, Owen Thomson, and Ashley May were teaming up to open a bar called Seven Faces Barroom at 251 Florida Ave. NW. It looks like that is no longer happening—at least not anytime soon.  "We did squash the project several months ago. Each of us had things come up in our lives that lead […]

Ten Places You’ll Wish Were Already Open

Will 2014 be the year the New York Times and other national rags stop mentioning politics and expense accounts when writing about D.C.’s food scene? Wishful thinking, perhaps. But the city’s culinary cred will only demand more respect this year. Sure, plenty of big name celebrity chefs—Philadelphia’s Jose Garces, New York’s Daniel Boulud, Boston’s Michael […]

Sauce-O-Meter: How the Week’s Food Happenings Measure Up

Bartending Trio to Open Seven Faces Barroom

Bartenders Patrick Owens, Owen Thomson, and Ashley May are teaming up to open a bar of their own at 251 Florida Ave. NW. Thomson runs the cocktail program at Bryan Voltaggio's Chevy Chase restaurant Range. Owens, who's working at Ripple, and May, who's at Velvet Lounge, co-organize monthly Spirits in Black nights where guest bartenders […]

Remixology: Make Us a Drink With Cilantro

Where: Range, 5335 Wisconsin Ave. NW Bartender: Owen Thomson Mystery Ingredient: Cilantro Bartender Response: A slight, almost imperceptible shrug. “That’s pretty much what we do every day. People ask for random things. Just kinda get used to it, I guess,” he said. What We Got: A fizzy, foamy, cilantro-laced mezcal, grapefruit, and lemon concoction with […]

The Ice Is Right: Is Artisan Ice the Final Frontier for Craft Cocktails?

As the 300-pound block of ice ascends from the Jacuzzi-sized industrial ice machine, its edges crackle like broken glass. Joseph Ambrose and Caleb Marindin use an engine hoist to lift the flawless-looking mass, which you can see straight through thanks to a system that circulates the water, releasing any bubbles as it freezes. Ambrose and […]

W Hotel Mixologist Launches Artisan Ice Business

Housemade bitters and infused liquors aren't the only hand-crafted ingredients going into cocktails. Now, even ice can be artisanal. Joseph Ambrose, a bartender at at P.O.V Lounge at the W Hotel, recently started a boutique ice company called Favourite Ice that's providing local restaurants with ice blocks, spheres, and cubes hand-cut to specification. Range beverage […]

10 Facts About Bryan Voltaggio’s Range, Opening Today

The 14,000-square-foot foodie wonderland that is Bryan Voltaggio's Range is finally here. The market-style restaurant and retail spot is complete with a charcuterie station, raw bar, rotisserie, bakery, wood fired hearth, candy counter, coffee bar, and more. Here are some of the things you should know: 1. The 300-seat restaurant is located in the newly […]

Head Bartender Owen Thomson Leaves Think Food Group

José Andrés' head bartender Owen Thomson has left Think Food Group, Eater reports. Thomson tells Y&H he's taking the summer to travel and bartend at friends' restaurants and bars. Thomson has been with Think Food Group for two and a half years and helped open America Eats Tavern, the revamped Jaleo, and Andrés' restaurants in […]

Pushing Up Daisies: Café Atlántico’s Leather Fetish Libation Isn’t Manly Enough

A sliver of zest, a dash of scotch, a strap of leather—that's right, real cow hide, soaked in tequila—and what do ya got? The answer, my friends, is the ultra inventive, if ultimately disenchanting, cocktail being served to those saddled up at Café Atlántico, the so-called "Daisy If You Do." OK, so there's no actual […]