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Unless You Want to Look Like a Yahoo, Don’t Show Your Gift Certificate Until the Check Arrives

A friend of Young & Hungry's recently e-mailed to ask about gift-certificate etiquette: Do you present the certificates to your server at the end of the meal or right at the beginning? "I always feel that with the latter," writes my buddy, Lou, "that the staff goes 'Ugh, one of these types,' and you get […]

Can’t Get into Your Favorite Restaurant on Inauguration Night? Just Wait.

Try as they might to prevent it, downtown restaurants, even fine ones like The Source by Wolfgang Puck or Central Michel Richard, will lose customers on Inauguration Night. Some folks won't show up because they got a better, last-minute offer, like a ball invite. Others simply won't arrive because they've decided the benefits of the […]

Where Will Halle Berry Be Dining During the Inauguration?

I'm no Reliable Source, and the City Paper  is not exactly known for its celebrity gossip. But these are trying times, and the Young & Hungry blog could use the hits that will no doubt come his way once he types "Halle Berry" into the meta-tag field. Berry is supposed to be dining Monday night at […]