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Quick Feeding: Palena Market, 2nd Peregrine Location Opens

Now Open: In Cleveland Park, Palena's retail shop, featuring "pasta from Naples, olive oil from Liguria, toasted cornmeal, local honey and Pronto coffee," started operations on Friday. Also, Peregrine Espresso has opened its second location, at 14th Street NW between R and S streets. [WaPo; DCist] Wisconsin Avenue Trio? The local burger chain Z-Burger, which […]

Forget the Holiday Season. Think Olio Novello Season Instead.

While others are excited by the holiday season, a few of us are excited by a whole different season: the olio novello season, the time of year when Italian new-harvest oil starts coming into the country. When I was in Philly a week ago, I asked the owner of Claudio's when its house-brand, new-harvest oil […]

How to Make Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This post isn't as random as it might seem, as my friend and lead Shithead Jim Shahin will explain later this afternoon with his excellent post on the new olive oil season, which is like....right now.

This Week’s Greatest Hits from the Y&H Blog

Here, once again, are the Top 10 items from the week, as decided by you, the loyal reader: 1. NBC Washington Calls Lauriol Plaza the 'Best Mexican Food in D.C.' 2. Food Tats: Cupcakes Are the New Skulls 3. The New Generation of Hershey's Kisses Cookies for the Holidays 4. When Sex and Food Go […]

NPR: Connecticut Takes On the Slimy Elements of the Olive Oil Business

NPR aired a segment this morning on how Connecticut "became the first state in the nation to enact standards to protect the purity of olive oil." All I can say is: It's about time. Olive oil fraud has been on the rise ever since Americans fell in love with the so-called Mediterranean diet. Four years […]