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Last Night’s Leftovers: Cheesy Pasta Heyday Edition

Two clowns start a food truck. No joke. It's called Cirque Cuisine. [HuffPo] The CapMac truck embraces America's cheesy pasta renaissance. [Yahoo] D.C. food trucks, in pictures [Post] Olive Garden critic Marilyn Hagerty is invited to dine at National Harbor's Bond 45. [WUSA] Boundary Road's Brad Walker tries to cook everything the right way. [Post] […]

Quick Feeding: Does Richmond Really Need 11 Hardee’s Locations?

Useless Facts: Congrats D.C.! We didn't make the Daily Beast's list of cities with high numbers of franchise restaurants per 100,000 residents. But a number of Virginia cities did. When you crunch the numbers, Richmond is the capital of Olive Garden with three locations. (That's 1.5 locations per 100,000 residents.) Richmond is also the capital […]

The Olive Garden: Just Your Average Family Friendly Restaurant

The Olive Garden – watch more funny videos Hey, it's a parody, so relax.