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Sushi, Ramen & Hanger Steak Poutine: Things to Expect at The Hamilton, Opening Dec. 18

"Wouldn't this be a cool place to grab a burger at lunchtime?" asks Tom Meyer, president of Clyde's Restaurant Group. He's leaning against a long wooden counter running the length of a massive window overlooking bustling 14th Street NW in downtown D.C. We're hanging out in the main bar area of The Hamilton, the Clyde's […]

Old Ebbitt Grill is a Celebrity Magnet for a Reason

Actors, politicians, athletes, musicians...they all eventually make their way to the Old Ebbitt Grill. So what's the attraction? It's not just the food, says GM Kyle Gaffney. It's the busy-ness of the place. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the place is always hopping. "There's an energy where people's awareness is not so acute," says Gaffney. Which […]