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Why Does Tuppers’ Hop Pocket Cost So Much?

Much as I looked forward to the return of Tuppers' Hop Pocket Ale, the old-school (a.k.a. "venerable") Virginia pale ale that was out of production for the last two years, like many of you I was surprised to see sticker prices of $10, $11, even $12...for a four-pack. Who even sells pale ales in four-packs? […]

2009: Looking Back at a Growing Beer City Part 2

Yesterday the Lagerheads brought you what we consider five of the most influential local beer happenings of 2009. Today we offer Chapter Two: five more events and trends that show DC's growth as a beer city. Flying Dog, Our (Close to) Local Production Brewery, Makes Us Proud – Shall we call it the Year of […]

When Dogs Fly: DC Lucks Out on Local Beer

If you are like us, you may have a slight bias about buying beer at the grocery store, or at least you don't trod down the fluorescent aisles expecting to see high-quality craft beer sandwiched among the Schlitz, Smirnoff Ice, and craft-beer imposters produced by a certain industrial mega-brewery in St. Louis. Before Tuesday night's […]