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Don’t Blame Paula Deen! José Andrés Weighs In On America’s Obesity Problem

D.C.'s most outspoken chef, José Andrés, took to the airwaves this morning to address the shit-storm surrounding the so-called "Butter Queen," Paula Deen, and all her profiteering from fatty food recipes while simultaneously concealing her own health problems. Appearing on CBS This Morning, Andrés said he expected more of a mea culpa from Deen but […]

Food News You Can Use: The Slow Summer of D.C.?

Top Chef: Played out? Hey, I thought we were supposed to be suffering through the summer doldrums in the District? Not with this amount of news, we aren't. So let's waste no time. Proof owner Mark Kuller has just entered José Andrés territory with the grand opening of Estadio. [via Metrocurean] Pssst, the Secret Safeway […]

Front of Package Labeling: Will It Help Reduce Obesity?

One of the recurring topics at the Atlantic Food Summit today was front-of-package labeling, with its promise of giving consumers a quick reference on whether the food in question is healthy or not. The label could be a grading system or a color-coded system. It might even be a simple statement of calories per serving […]

More Fun Recession News: Cutting Back on Food Spending May Make You Fat

Reuters has just published this bit of delightful news: The recession may make you poor and fat. Reports the news service: