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Don’t Blame Paula Deen! José Andrés Weighs In On America’s Obesity Problem

D.C.'s most outspoken chef, José Andrés, took to the airwaves this morning to address the shit-storm surrounding the so-called "Butter Queen," Paula Deen, and all her profiteering from fatty food recipes while simultaneously concealing her own health problems. Appearing on CBS This Morning, Andrés said he expected more of a mea culpa from Deen but […]

From ‘Cherry Pie’ To ‘Milkshake,’ 30 Years of Food in Music Videos

As MTV celebrates its 30th anniversary this week, Smithsonian's Food & Think blog examines the use of various foodstuffs in music videos—oh, you know, those visual promos for pop songs that you used to see on the cable network before the Real World and Jersey Shore came along. As you can probably guess, a lot […]