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Raising Chain: A Chipotle-Like Eatery Rethinks Greek Eats as a Nutrition-Conscious ‘Bistro’ Aims to Change Food Attitudes

In the world of fast-casual food concepts, it’s a little too easy to write off Cava Mezze Grill as a Greek version of Chipotle. In front of a sneeze guard-protected front counter, you’re ushered through a series of meat-and-topping construction stops, where you select fillers to go inside a pita instead of a tortilla (or […]

USDA: Pizza Is America’s No. 2 Source of Saturated and Solid Fats

Jane Black, formerly of The Washington Post's food section and currently studying the eating habits of Huntington, W.Va., has a nice piece in New York magazine about how bad pizza is for us. Federal authorities have been sounding the alarm as part of new USDA dietary guidelines. From Black's piece: The humble slice, we learn […]

Beer Belly? Blame Your Genes, Not Your Beer

Or so some British scientists would argue. According to a study published in the current issue of the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, fat from excessive beer drinking is not necessarily stored around the body's core. Researchers followed 20,000 beer drinkers–7.876 men and 12,749 women–over 8.5 years. Not surprisingly, men drank more beer, an average […]