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Try Super Rare Golden Bigeye Tuna at Sushi Taro This Week

Golden Bigeye Tuna is apparently so rare that Sushi Taro chef/owner Nobu Yamazaki had never even heard of it. But today, he'll receive the fish—a 138-pound tuna line-caught off the coast of the Philippines—from distributor Samuels and Son Seafood. In a press release in honor of the lone fish, the distributor called it "one of the world's […]

Blown Away? Poisonous Japanese Tora-Fugu Is Rare, Expensive, and Almost Flavorless

My first bite of tora-fugu, the Japanese species of blowfish containing deadly poison in its organs, is the skin. The gelatinous delicacy is thinly sliced like noodles, with seaweed, grated daikon, and a ponzu sauce, and is part of Sushi Taro’s 10-course, $138 fugu tasting menu. I’m not dead yet. Next up is sashimi, sliced […]