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How to Avoid The Sheppard’s “No Photo” Policy? Sketch It

Since no photos are allowed at the Dupont "speakeasy," these drawings will do.

The Sheppard Breaks Its Own No-Photos Policy

The "speakeasy" allows some highly staged photos, plus shots pimping Ciroc Pineapple.

Cellular Gastronomy: Restaurants’ Love-Hate Relationship With Your Phone

When I walk into the International Language Institute, the small, dingy lobby is empty—except for a guy sitting next to the elevator. Is this actually the right way to the new  Dupont “speakeasy” from Good Stuff Eatery’s Spike Mendelsohn and lobbyist/Kabin owner Vinoda Basnayake? It doesn’t look like the entrance to a bar with studded […]

No Photos Allowed at D.C.’s Newest “Speakeasy”

And you thought the “speakeasy” trend was on its way out? Not quite. This week, chef Spike Mendelsohn of Good Stuff Eatery and Bearnaise and Vinoda Basnayake of Kabin opened The Sheppard, the latest glamorized interpretation of a Prohibition-era drinking den. The Dupont spot gets its name from Senator Morris Sheppard, who authored The Sheppard Bone-Dry Act of 1917 that banned […]