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DGS Delicatessen Brings Back Jewish Christmas With Minibar and Maketto Chefs

Celebrate Christmas with Chinese food.

DGS Delicatessen Team Will Open Little Sesame Hummus Shop

The fast-casual restaurant will offer hummus-centric bowls with a range of toppings.

DGS Delicatessen Adds An Extra Dose of Nostalgia at Mosaic District Location

The menu is more or less the same but the decor is more reminiscent of traditional New York delis.

Try Pastrami Fried Rice and Matzo Ball Egg Drop Soup at DGS Delicatessen on Christmas Eve

For the team at DGS Delicatessen, and many Jews, it's tradition to spend Christmas eating Chinese food. Chef Barry Koslow has long frequented Peking Gourmet in Falls Church when the holiday rolls around. "It just seems to be the Jewish thing to do," Koslow says. "They say it's one of their busiest days of the year. And it's all Jews." […]

DGS Delicatessen’s Pastrami Sandwich Now Bigger

The hallmark of most deli sandwiches is that they're so thick they barely fit in your mouth. So in response to customer feedback, Dupont Circle's DGS Delicatessen is adding extra meat to its pastrami and corned beef sandwiches. Instead of six ounces, the sandwiches will now be stuffed with eight ounces (half a pound) of seven-day-brined, […]

Mouth Off: One Foodie Question, Five Foodie Answers

What’s your favorite comfort food in D.C.? Casey Patten Co-owner, Taylor Gourmet “DC Noodle was my favorite place to eat noodle soups without having to leave the city. It was my go-to spot for takeout on a gloomy day or to fix a hangover. I would always get the spicy ginger noodle soup with chicken. […]

So Hot Right Now: The Reuben

Reubens are showing up on all types of menus right now. And not just in sandwich form (though there are plenty of those, too). There are also reuben-inspired knishes, hot dogs, and even pasta dishes. DGS Delicatessen offers a fairly traditional version with a combination of corned beef and pastrami, both of which are brined […]

A Nosh Above: DGS Delicatessen Isn’t Your Bubbie’s Jewish Deli

When chef Barry Koslow and Nick Wiseman began testing recipes for their new Jewish deli DGS Delicatessen, they sought feedback from a master. Joan Nathan has written ten cookbooks and countless articles on Jewish cuisine, in addition to TV and radio appearances. She is, as you might put it in Yiddish, a maven of noshing. […]

May The Schwartz’s Be With You: Barry Koslow Is Bringing Jewish Deli Fare To D.C.

There's nothing quite like a smoked meat sandwich from Schwartz's in Montreal, which is sort of like the Shake Shack or Georgetown Cupcake of Jewish delis, with its lengthy lunch line often stretching down Saint-Laurent Boulevard. Definitely nothing like it in D.C. at least, which is why Y&H is pretty stoked to find out about Barry […]