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Quick Feeding: For Andy Shallal and Nick Cho, It’s Westward, Ho!

Looking West: As Andy Shallal, who describes himself as an "activist with food," works on a possible Busboys & Poets location in Harlem, he also has Busboys projects cooking out west, including a location that's in the works in Denver, and "expects to open a San Francisco Busboys within the next two years." [Publishers Weekly] […]

Saucer Full of Secrets: Northside Social’s Charms Go Way Beyond the Cup

Note: We're publishing the entire Young & Hungry column on the blog so you can enjoy Darrow Montgomery's photography, which has its own story to tell. In the land of the over-stimulated mermaid, the landscape is always the same: the tiny tables crowded with laptap squatters, lost in their ear buds and their private worlds, […]

The Future of Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters

Trish Rothgeb of Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters As part of this week's Young & Hungry column on seasonal coffee, I conducted a lengthy interview with Trish Rothgeb, owner and roastmaster of the new Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters, which is based in D.C. Well, sort of based in D.C. If you want an education in green […]

No Jail Time for Cho, But He’s Still Full of Beans

If you haven't read it yet, check out Rend Smith's excellent summation of Nick Cho's sales tax woes. The former mad man at Murky Coffee won't be doing any jail time, but he still has a price to pay: Namely $190,000 in back taxes and penalties. Reports Smith: In order to pay the tax money […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

What a finish! The competition for the top spot in the hearts and minds of Young & Hungry readers was decided by just a single pageview. Guess who won this week? Nope, not Select 55. Your fave posts this week: Birch & Barley Opens Today. What's Inside? Budweiser Launches Select 55, Light Beer Arms Race […]

Nick Cho’s Tax Troubles: Where Does That Leave Chinatown Coffee?

Nick Cho's arrest today on 82 counts of tax fraud not only spells trouble for the former Murky Coffee owner, but also, potentially, for his current place of employment, Chinatown Coffee Co, where Cho oversees operations. After all, Cho faces 180 days in jail for each count. That's more than 40 years behind bars if […]

Chinatown Coffee Co. Opened for Business Today

The irrepressible Nick Cho has found a new home, and it's at Chinatown Coffee Co., which just opened today at 475 H Street NW (which, technically, may be outside the formal boundaries of Chinatown). The shop is actually owned by Max and Katie Brown, a pair of "recovering attorneys" who decided to hire Cho, the […]

Nick Cho Show Moving to H Street

Originally published on City Desk on Apr. 1, 2009, at 9:47 pm Despite speculation over at DCist, Nick Cho says it's not an April Fool's joke: He's closing Murky Coffee in Arlington and moving back to the District. He and, he says, most of his remaining staff will move over to a new spot, Wrecking […]