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Every Chef’s Fantasy Comes to the Big Screen in ‘Bitter Feast’

The trailer for Bitter Feast strikes me as way too serious for a film that feels like it should be a send-up of Swimming with Sharks or Hostel. I mean, the very premise sounds like a bad joke (or a chef's wish fulfillment): a canned cook takes revenge on a food blogger whose harsh critique […]

Michael Landrum, Look Who Made A-1 in The New York Times

I think it's safe to say — though you never know with him — that Michael Landrum finds some parts of Y&H's job rather shallow. Like reporting on what President Obama eats at Ray's Hell Burger. I think the last thing he told me yesterday as I was rushing off to beat the competition was […]

Red Hook Lobster Pound Finds Street Vending Easier in D.C. Than NYC

This may be a first: A Brooklyn lobster vendor is planning to launch a street truck in D.C. because our bureaucracy is easier to deal with. So says Susan Povich, co-owner of the Red Hook Lobster Pound in Brooklyn, who told the New York Times earlier this week that she's given up on the burdensome […]

Fast Food Nation: On Five Guys’ Victory and KFC’s Double Down

Here's your winner of Serious Eats' chain burger tourney. On Tuesday, KFC rolled out its Double Down chicken sandwich — I really ought to put quotes around the word "sandwich" for this bun-less creation  — and the food media immediately tore into it. Today, cardiologists everywhere are celebrating. More on that in a moment — the […]

For Belgian Beer, It’s Beauty and the Yeast

"We gathered Belgian golden ales and their foreign relatives as if they were snowflakes, aware that each was so unusual, and often so beautiful in a singular way, that it would resist any but the roughest categorization." So writes Eric Asimov in tasting-note piece on Belgian golden ales in The New York Times. Of course […]

Former Maestro Chef Fabio Trabocchi Out at Four Seasons

Well, that was quick. Though the New York Times sort of predicted it three months ago. WaPo's Tom Sietsema tweeted earlier this afternoon that D.C. might be the beneficiary of this ill-fated relationship: Food lovers, cross your fingers. Chef Fabio Trabocchi emails me that he's "Looking at more than one option and DC is one […]

The Whole Foods’ Ground Beef Grind Clock

My first thought when I saw this grind clock perched atop the meat display counter at the Whole Foods in Tenleytown was the obvious: This has to be a reaction to the New York Times' October investigation into the ground beef business, which revealed, among other things, that "a single portion of hamburger meat is often […]

Critics of Iron Chef America, White House Edition, Wonder If the Fix Was In

If you haven't yet had a chance, like Y&H, to watch the Iron Chef America episode in which the not-so-secret ingredient is the White House vegetable garden, you might want to stop reading now. Otherwise, you'll never forgive me for what I'm about to do: reveal the winner in the star-studded cook-off that pitted Mario "Orange Crush" […]

New York Times to Vegans: Plants Don’t Want to Be Eaten, Either!

Y&H will try to ignore the Times' annoying habit of making every story they publish sound like the first word on the subject. After all, as revealing as Natalie Angier's report is, it still follows the more groundbreaking work of writers like Michael Pollan and Jeffrey Steingarten (whose somewhat tongue-in-cheek essay, "Salad the Silent Killer," […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

All local foodies today were focused on the breaking news at Equinox, where a fire destroyed the downtown institution's kitchen. Y&H has fire department reports and pictures from the scene. In the meantime, here are the top blog posts of the week: Say Hello to the Inaugural Class of the D.C. Dish Hall of Fame […]