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Lowbrow Brilliant? WTF Makes the Approval Matrix

Jeff Buben's new lunch spot WTF (Woodward Takeout Food) has officially been recognized by the ultimate arbiter of cultural worthiness: New York magazine's Approval Matrix. "A D.C. chef has named his restaurant WTF, claiming that it meant Woodward Takeout Food," the magazine writes. It's more lowbrow than a Microsoft executive starting a pot business and smidge […]

Vegivore: Do Labels Legitimize a Movement?

Do you call yourself a foodie? Or does the word burn your tongue like Sriracha? I fall in the latter category, but that's only after years of abundant and abusive usage of that food-obsessed term. It seems everyone claims foodie status, because at this point, watching Food Network for two hours a night can verify club […]

Minibar Would Be the Toughest Reservation in America, if D.C. Were a Foodie Town

The "liquid olives" at the Minibar Them's the fighting words of Ben Leventhal. Leventhal is the co-founder who has become a darling of the New York foodie blogosphere by opening the flood gates of information to (and I quote from the Eater site) "rumors, conjecture and opinions, as well as accurately reported factual information. […]

End of an Era: Gael Greene Out at New York Magazine

Citing a worsening economy that won't allow it to employ four food critics, New York magazine confirmed yesterday that it has fired the iconic Gael Greene. Today marks Greene's last official day at the magazine, ending a 40-year run as a food writer and critic for the publication. For all the good work Greene did […]