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Eater May Have Spoiled the Finale of This Season’s ‘Top Chef’

Eater continues to doggedly pursue the details of next season's apparent "all-star" edition of Top Chef to the detriment of the current season. The website's latest posting features some undercover work at the Bowery  Whole Foods, where Eater spies snap some pictures of what appear to be cheftestants scrambling for ingredients. All of this is […]

A Major Fight Breaks Out at an NYC Burrito Shop

Fists are thrown. Chairs are tossed. Tables are upturned. Burritos are destroyed. I guess there's a reason they call the place Blockheads.

D.C. Brings Home the Hardware from Beard Awards

Last night, I was sitting at a large circular table at Espace in New York City with some rather distinguished company: Robb Walsh, formerly of the Houston Press; Ed Levine, the founder of Serious Eats;  Ryan D'Agostino, the articles editor for Esquire; and a trio of writers/editors with our sister paper, the Chicago Reader: Alison […]

Red Hook Lobster Pound Finds Street Vending Easier in D.C. Than NYC

This may be a first: A Brooklyn lobster vendor is planning to launch a street truck in D.C. because our bureaucracy is easier to deal with. So says Susan Povich, co-owner of the Red Hook Lobster Pound in Brooklyn, who told the New York Times earlier this week that she's given up on the burdensome […]

The Dining Guide Comes Out Tomorrow. Y&H Is Out Today.

Lombardi's: Is it everything New Yorkers think it is? And now the moment I've been waiting for (so I can have my life back again): The City Paper's debut Young & Hungry Dining Guide finally hits the streets tomorrow. Actually, I had a great time exploring our city, its suburbs, and all (well, many of) […]

D.C. Chefs/Restaurants Shut Out in 2009 Beard Awards

Did you hear that? Utter radio silence. Y&H expected a cacophony of food blog and board commentary today following the announcement of the 2009 James Beard Awards for restaurants and chefs.  But after the D.C. area got the cold shoulder last night at the Beard ceremony in the Big Apple, there has been little hand-wringing […]

Whole Foods Wants to Sell You Shrimp for Thanksgiving

My wife, Carrie, and her lil' sis, Molly, were recently in New York City , where they saw this placard hanging in a Whole Foods window on the Lower East Side. They shared a good laugh over Whole Paycheck's marketing ploy to pair Pilgrims with peel-and-eat shrimp. I had a really hard time believing Whole […]