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The Pearl Piquant Help It

For all the Cajun-Creole-themed cooking going on inWashington these days, you’d think the city would see a sudden spike in capsaicin overdoses. Not so. The stuff that generally passes for New Orleans-style fare around here would barely register on the Scoville scale. To put it mildly, so to speak: My first bowls of gumbo and […]

Eat Your Beer: Bayou Bakery’s Ale-Laden Barbecue Shrimp

Among the many beer-infused dishes that Y&H explored in this week's beer-themed paper, maybe my favorite is chef David Guas' New Orleans-style barbecue shrimp (pictured above), served on special every Friday night at Arlington's Bayou Bakery. I've tried the version at Pearl Dive Oyster Palace in Logan Circle. But with all due respect to Jeff […]

Who Dat?: D.C.’s New Louisiana and Cajun Restaurants

A tall Air Force officer walks into the new and low-ceilinged Cajun Experience restaurant in Dupont Circle, to pick up a carry-out order. He asks owner Bryan Crosswhite, who is situated on a bar stool, chatting and fiddling around with a broken door handle, if he knows of a dish called “gumbo-laya,” an admittedly fusion-y […]

Bayou Bakery Is Your Source for Beignets and Chicory Coffee

A heavy flow of patrons made their way to Bayou Bakery this weekend for what was supposed to be a gentle, soft opening of David Guas' homage to the food and drink of New Orleans, his hometown. I was among those who couldn't wait for the doors to open at Arlington's latest eatery. Guas purposely […]

D.C. Pastry Chef David Guas Gets Us Ready for Fat Tuesday

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy This segment aired last year on Today, but who cares? New Orleans native David Guas' advice on preparing for Fat Tuesday is as timeless as the celebration itself. Fat Tuesday, if you hadn't noticed through all the snowfall, is tomorrow.

David Guas Gets Sweet on His Native New Orleans

This weekend, I spent a bit of time with David Guas' debut cookbook, DamGoodSweet, in which the former pastry chef for Passion Food Hospitality recreates many of his favorite treats from New Orleans where he grew up in the Lower Ninth Ward, that area devastated by Katrina. The book, just released yesterday, almost cries with […]

Rebuilding Another Section of New Orleans: The Family Cookbook

NPR gave a little air time yesterday to Marcelle Bienvenue, co-editor of Cooking Up A Storm: Recipes Lost and Found from The Times-Picayune of New Orleans, who combed through the newspaper's archives to help residents rebuild their family cookbooks that were washed away during Katrina.  The paper's Brett Anderson has already been doing award-winning work, reporting on the the city's famous […]