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Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza Expands to Clarendon

The world of New Haven–style pizza has been expanding locally. Pete's New Haven Style Apizza, which has locations in Columbia Heights and Friendship Heights, has opened its new Clarendon Boulevard location in Arlington. What makes New Haven pies so special? Read this primer on the subject. Photo a slice from Pete's from the Y&H archives

Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza

After conducting an intense, two-day tour of New Haven pizzerias earlier this year, stuffing more slices down my throat than the average freshman class at Yale, I came to a surprising conclusion: Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza out-performs many of the famous joints found in the Connecticut town from which the D.C. place drew its […]

New Haven Pizza: If It’s Not Neapolitan, What Is It?

The opening of the second outlet of Pete's New Haven Style Apizza provided me with the perfect opportunity to look into the classic pie and try to understand its defining qualities.  Here's one thing I learned during the process of reporting this week's Young & Hungry column: New Haven pizza-makers consider their product Neapolitan-style, which […]

New Haven Pizza and Its Connections to Naples and D.C.

This week's Young & Hungry will examine New Haven pizza from several different perspectives: What characteristics define it? What is its connection to Neapolitan pies? And how has it been interpreted by two separate pizza parlors in D.C.? To put the column together, I conducted hours of interviews with pizza makers both here and in […]

The New Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza: More Good Stuff

The difficulty of expanding any respected restaurant is maintaining the flavor, and  the flavorful cooking, of the original. The new Pete's Apizza on Wisconsin Avenue feels much the same as the first location in Columbia Heights, save for one important distinction: The new spot sits in a sort of no man's land between Tenleytown and […]

Pete’s Apizza to Open Its Wisconsin Avenue Store on June 16

Two years after they launched their successful Columbia Heights pizzeria, the owners of Pete's Apizza are set to open a second store on Wednesday, June 16, in a former consignment shop at 4940 Wisconsin Ave. NW. Well, actually, the new Pete's will occupy two former storefronts on Wisconsin Avenue, all the better to meet your […]

Enough with Neopolitan: St. Louis- and San Francisco-Style Pizza

We've been writing a lot about New Haven-style pizza recently, and of course it's hard to avoid discussing Neopolitan pizza here in the District. But, needless to say, pizza exists in many forms unique to particular regions, many of which are not locally–or widely–available. Take St. Louis-style pizza. Looks pretty good, right? (An aside: You'll […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

It's a short leap from corned beef and cabbage to the corned beef and sauerkraut found on a Reuben. At least that's the message I get from the Atlas District's latest eatery, Star and Shamrock Tavern and Deli, which drew the kind of attention you'd expect from a place that marries an Irish pub with […]

What Is New Haven-Style Pizza? Hint: It’s Not About Coal.

This past weekend, I drove up to New Haven, Conn., to sample as many slices of pizza as I could before turning into a walking dough ball. Three of the owners from Pete's Apizza — Tom Marr, Joel Mehr, and Michael Wilkinson — met me there to provide an insider's view of the region's famous […]

Pete’s Apizza Set to Open Second Location on Wisconsin Avenue

Pete's New Haven Style Apizza could have expanded much sooner than now — there have been offers aplenty — but the owners of the high-performing Columbia Heights pizzeria weren't interested in rampant expansionism. Or expansionism for the sake of expansionism. "All you need is a couple of months of swimming upstream," says Mike Wilkinson, co-owner and twin of fellow […]