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Sauce-O-Meter: How the Week’s Food Happenings Measure Up

Limited Edition Spring Green Hat Gin Coming Soon

D.C.'s New Columbia Distillers will release its very first limited edition seasonal gin on Saturday. The spring/summer Green Hat Gin is more citrusy and floral than the D.C. distiller's signature gin thanks to cherry blossoms, three types of citrus peel, rosemary, and a bit of pepper. It's also got a slightly higher alcohol content (90 […]

Try “Groot Beer” and Ebulon Soda Tonight at Meridian Pint

WildCraft Soda is throwing a launch party tonight at Meridian Pint from 5 to 10 p.m. The draft-only, small-batch sodas made with foraged botanicals and lightly sweetened with honey are created by longtime home brewer Nathan Zeender, who will serve as head brewer of the forthcoming Right Proper brewpub in Shaw. Meridian Pint is the […]

Green Hat Gin and Greenhook Ginsmiths Drop Lawsuits

D.C.'s New Columbia Distillers, which produces Green Hat Gin, and Brooklyn-based Greenhook Ginsmiths are dropping their lawsuits against each other, bringing their trademark battle to a close, Legal Times reporter Zoe Tillman reports. New Columbia Distillers co-founder John Uselton confirmed the news to Y&H and says both distilleries will retain their names and labeling. No […]

Trademark Dispute Between Green Hat Gin and New York’s Greenhook Ginsmiths

A trademark dispute is brewing between New Columbia Distillers' Green Hat Gin and Brooklyn-based distillery Greenhook Ginsmiths. Yesterday, New Columbia Distillers filed a lawsuit against the LLC behind Greenhook Ginsmiths to protect its trademark, following a lawsuit that Greenhook's owner filed against the D.C. distillery in November. (Hat-tip to Legal Times reporter Zoe Tillman for tweeting a […]

The Hungries: The Best—and the Worst—of D.C. Restaurants in 2012

In 2012, Washingtonians finally got a bunch of things that have been on our food and drink wish lists for years. After more than a century, we have a legal gin-producing distillery: New Columbia Distillers. Finally (finally!), there’s a place to eat some decent matzo ball soup and pastrami, thanks to DGS Delicatessen. A great […]

Ginned Up

D.C.'s lone distillery, New Columbia Distillers, has been up and running for only a month, but its Green Hat Gin has already found its way into another local treat: Dolcezza gelato. This week, the gelateria introduced a cucumber tarragon gin sorbetto using the hometown spirit. Dolcezza has also collaborated with DC Brau on a Penn […]

Green Hat Gin and DC Brau Gelato Coming Soon

Gin gelato? Yes, please. Beginning Nov. 5, local gelateria Dolcezza will introduce a cucumber tarragon gin sorbetto using recently unveiledGreen Hat Gin from D.C's only distillery, New Columbia Distillers. Dolcezza is also collaborating with DC Brau on a Penn Quarter Porter gelato and with Gordy's Pickle's on a Thai basil jalapeño sorbetto. The flavors will be priced […]

Get Your Green Hat Gin Right Now

At long last, Green Hat Gin is here. New Columbia Distillers, D.C.'s first legal distillery in more than a century, began selling its signature liquor today. Stop by the distillery before 6 p.m. to buy from the first batch. Even if you can't make it today, the distillery will be open Monday through Friday from […]

Green Hat Gin is Almost Here

New Columbia Distillers—D.C.'s first (legal) distillery in more than a century—now aims to release bottles of its Green Hat Gin the first week of October. Co-founder John Uselton tells Y&H: "We are doing botanical experiments right now and bottling a few cases of each trial. We are quickly zeroing in on our final recipe." Stay […]